Wanted, twelve stories of defectors

On 2012/09/22


Wanted in Syria - Bilal Abdulrahim AhmadText: Nancy Porsia – Photos: Ugo Lucio Borga

Soon it will be published by LaVanguardia and Tyzden

Mustafa was in Al Qusayr when, in April, Bashar forces attacked the village, killing dozens of people. He was behind one of the regime’s tanks and he knew personally some of the men who killed. . Then Mustafa decided to leave the Army. But the terror of any potential retaliation against his family kept him in the ranks of Bashar for other two months. Then off to Lebanon where he met dozens of former comrades. All together, everyone with own AK 47 received from the Army, passed in Turkey to set their tyrants on the wrong track. From there they got back Syria in order to fight their war, but on the other side. The right one eventually, as they say today.

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