Al Mubadara Libya

On 2013/01/20

Photo: Nancy Porsia
February 2013

Here many stories collected in the new Libya just reborn after forty two years of Gaddafi regime. Stories from around all Libya about social justice, forgiveness and reconciliation, published by Al Mubadara Al Libya.

Read and watch here all the stories from Libya, uploaded on Al Mubadara Al Libya website available in Arabic, English and Italian:

Tripoli, March 11th 2013

GNC struggling with controversial Political Isolation Law

Abu Salim, March 4th 2013

Abu Salim: “No more prisons here!”

Benghazi, February 18th 2013

Benghazi resumes dialogue with Tripoli

Benghazi, February 15th 2013

15th Fabruary Movement: Inteview with Al Basyouni ( video )

Tripoli, February 13th 2013

Ex-combatants patrol the streets to ensure safety in Tripoli

Benghazi, February 5th 2013

Ramadan, a human shield between clans

Tripoli, January 28th 2013

Libyan women: “We will never not lower our guard against violence”

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