For SKY-TG24 TV from Libya

On 2015/02/23

On february 2015 I was covering the crisis in Libya after the Italian Embassy left the country.

The country was living a period of high tensions, with two governments, fighting in different areas of the country and soon after the release of the video that shocked the world about the beheaded Egyptian Coptic Christians perpetuated by the self called ISIL. In the days after there was an Egyptian army incursion over Derna, east of Libya, to attack ISIS positions. The capital of the country, Tripoli, seemed to not suffer as much as the other cities those days.

From Tripoli on 21st february 2015 the video on SKY-TG24 web site.



From Zwara, 4 marzo 2015 –
From Sirte, 28 febbraio 2015
From Misurata, 26 febbraio 2015 –
From Sirte 21 marzo 2015 –

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